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“Keep the cables and vario from LX 5000, change only the main unit - to LX Zeus 2.8 Retrofit”

LX Zeus 2.8 Retrofit uses a high quality 2.8 inch diagonal colour display with a resolution of 240x320 pixels. The size and quality of the display enables all the excellent features of the LX Zeus, but doesn’t require an upgrade of the instrument panel. The operation and commands are identical to all other Zeus units comprising two rotary switches and eight push buttons.

Retrofit (meaning, you retain all the wiring from LX 5000) is available only as an upgrade for the LX 5000 unit. You can also reuse the vario indicator from LX 5000 (not valid for mechanical vario), or upgrade to a colour vario indicator. Retrofit has an internal vario motherboard from the USB D 60 unit.

LX Zeus configuration options:





Size & power consumption

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