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ICAO maps available

“Low cost, not IGC approved

The unit meets nearly all functions of LX 7007 CB. The most important difference is that the LX 7007  Compact CB doesn't include GPS receiver and also don't offer an IGC approved flight recorder.There is a recorderbuilt in, but it doesn'thave IGC approval.The format of flight records meets IGC specification and the flights can be therefore evaluated with programs which understand IGC format. As a GPS source an external NMEA signal should be applied. One 6P telephone type connector for GPS signal input is prepared on the back side of the unit.Suitable pin out makes possible to connect GPS devices which have an IGC standard connector asplug and play solutions. Flarm can be also used as a GPS source. LX Red Box and LX Mini Box offers an effective  solution..

Udgået af produktion. Kan ikke længere leveres